Are You Ready for More Supernatural Business and Wealth-Building Opportunities?

Did you enjoy the Doing Business Supernaturally Bible Study plan on YouVersion?

I don’t know about you, but I find it’s easy to enjoy a good Bible study or book, but harder to put it into practice. That’s why I’ve teamed up with my good friend and best-selling author, Ryan Haley, to put together the Doing Business Supernatural Lifestyle Series.

This is a FREE follow-up series and community to help you take your supernatural business life to the next level. And to help you connect with others who are on the same quest.

As a Bonus for signing up today, you’ll get immediate access to my full teaching on Doing Business Supernaturally. This teaching will reinforce what you’ve learned in the YouVersion study and so much more!

You won't want to miss the chance to join supernatural business-minded believers to...

  1. Present your business plans for evaluation and critique
  2. Find like-minded partners and investors
  3. Discover profitable investment opportunities before they go public
  4. Get access to free resources, teachings, and materials to help you in your journey

Our Facebook group members will be invited to monthly Facebook Live events. These monthly events will feature guest speakers who will share their experiences and answer your questions. (This is like a free monthly consultation with a supernatural twist!)

We will also open the floor for members to share your stories, prayer requests, business opportunities and more.

If you are interested in joining this upcoming community, fill out the form on this page to reserve your spot and get the free resources available right now (listed below)!

You’ll learn these things and so much more in this powerful teaching:

  1. Find out how my friend, David, improved his company’s profitability by 30x. (It all started with an awkward, unwelcome prayer for his unbelieving CEO.)
  2. Learn how an Alaskan physical therapist turned her tithe into 10x her profit and started a nationwide expansion.
  3. Learn how I went from $2.5 million in debt to debt-free in 13 months in the middle of the Great Recession.
  4. Find out the secrets of favor and influence with those in authority in your world.

I can’t wait to connect with you to seek God’s wisdom and favor to bring Heaven to Earth and grow our businesses and profitability. Will you join us today?

Let’s Change the World Together!

Paul Moore
Gateway Ministries

PS: As an additional bonus, I’d like to introduce you to my ministry partner, Ryan Haley. Ryan is the best-selling author of A Better Way (with Foreword by legendary NFL Coach Tony Dungy) and host of the popular A Better Way podcast. As a bonus for signing up today, Ryan has agreed to offer you a copy of his powerful teaching The Sweet Spot. Ryan hosts this website and you’ll hear from him often when you sign up for the Doing Business Supernaturally Lifestyle Series and Facebook community.