What It's All About: God's Perfect Love

Apr 16, 2020 -- Posted by : RyanHaley

I recently had a conversation with someone very close to me, who is really struggling right now with feelings of self-worth, losing all sense of the good things about themselves; questioning whether or not they are a good person, if they deserve good things, and if they add value to anyone. I have been there myself on several occasions, and I am familiar with the “dark night of the soul”. This conversation presented a life-giving opportunity for me to minister from my heart to theirs. In the midst of so much recent preparation and activity in service of my God-given calling, this brought me back to the ultimate purpose of all that preparation and activity, and what it’s all about: personally experiencing and sharing God’s perfect love.

Several years ago, God revealed to me His divine mandate for my life and ministry: to manifest the goodness of God, to individuals and the world at large. This is my “WHY”: the reason I’m doing all that I’m doing. Simon Sinek refers to our WHY as our “deeply abiding purpose, cause, or belief”. He talks about working from the "inside-out", as opposed to the "outside-in", as most people and organizations do.

Sinek shares this in the context of business, but it is no less true in ministry and our personal lives. Knowing our WHY helps us to keep the big picture in mind, which gives a deep sense of meaning and value to all the practical tasks we’re working on. It also continually helps guide our decisions and focuses our efforts in support of that singular purpose. (You can see Sinek's Ted Talk, below)

The most important thing that keeps coming back to me time and again is to ensure I’m giving first priority to receiving God’s love and goodness for me. It is only from that place of receiving God’s perfect love and goodness in my heart that I’m able to genuinely and continually let that overflow from my heart spill out into others. When I am fully persuaded of God’s faithfulness in my own life, I have a deep well of inner conviction from which I can effectively share Good News with others.

We owe it to other people to have powerful and life-changing testimonies of God's goodness in our own lives! As we build a rich history of personally experiencing God’s faithfulness, we become more "faith-full". By this, I simply mean being full of faith, which will then help us to be "faithful" (steadfast and consistent), to share Good News with people who are hurting and/or expecting God’s goodness to manifest in their personal situations.

So, my encouragement to you is twofold:

1) Take the time to reflect on the big picture. What’s it all about for you? What is your WHY that drives everything you undertake?

2) Prioritize receiving God’s goodness and faithfulness into your own heart, building a reservoir of faith and expectancy from which you can encourage and minister to others.

The resultant testimonies will create a virtuous cycle that will give you more faith, resulting in more testimonies for you and others to draw from. That's what A Better Way is all about!



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